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 Vjandel sweet buns or known as pastel


Colorful Volcanic Stones

I never heard about the colorful volcanic before when I was in Camiguin back in 2001- that was long time ago, so these stomes must have not been discovered or exist. Base from what I had read, the volcanic  stones can be found on the West side/part of Camiguin and once the stones are covered with thin glossy finish, it will develop its colors.

The pastel by the way, I had the taste of it. It was really good and the bun was so soft. You really can taste the milk filling in every bite. Camiguin is known for white island, lanzones ,pastel, hot and cold spring. And not to forget the “Tarzan” house or Tarzan jungle, not really sure of it though I was there before. Wonder if it still exist. When I get the chance of going back to Philippines, I definitely will spend sometime in Camiguin with my family.

Banana Boat Ride in Boracay Island, Philippines

Posted by admin on Mar-4-2014


 image not mine…



image not mine…

I went to Boracay island in Philippines back in 2011 and it was my first and hope won’t be my last. I am planning of booking a trip with my family someday whenever my kids are 10 and above. That will make my oldest to be 15 and my youngest almost 10 which is not hard to handle unlike now that they’re 6 years old and 2 years old. It’s an island and toddlers are not safe.

When were there, we did not experience the banana boat ride, it was a boat ride  but different. i’m afraid of trying this banana boat ride but my sister had experienced it before and she likes it. I hope I can dare myself to get myself on the banana boat. It surely is look like so much fun.

Why Everyone Wants to Visit London

Posted by admin on Mar-4-2014

There aren’t many travel destinations that people from virtually all corners of the Earth want to visit as much as London. Not only is it the capital city of England and the United Kingdom, but it is also a city that is one of the world’s major powerhouses.


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Whatever part of the world you are from, even if you are from the United Kingdom, you should make a pilgrimage to London at least once in your life! Here are some of the reasons why London is such a popular tourist destination.

The River Thames


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One of the most famous rivers in the world is the River Thames. This historic river has played an important part in the formation of the city of London, and without it, it is very likely that London may never have been built!

It is England’s second-biggest river at 215 miles, and flows not just through London, but further inland, originating from Kemble and Cirencester in Gloucestershire.

It’s also a great way of doing a spot of sightseeing in London, as you can see many famous landmarks that are situated along the banks of the River Thames.

The markets


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One of the things that London is most famous for is its array of inner-city markets! From the Portobello Road markets through to the markets of Shepherd’s Bush, you will easily find an assortment of products ranging from fresh fruit and vegetables to clothes, music CDs and antiques!

A lot of people often assume that London is a very expensive place to go shopping, but these hidden gems are excellent places to grab a bargain and enable tourists and visitors alike to experience what the “real” London has to offer!

The landmarks


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Any visit to this historic city wouldn’t be complete without visiting all of the famous landmarks and points of interest such as Trafalgar’s Square, Piccadilly Circus, the Houses of Parliament, Big Ben, and even the London Eye.

Travelling between all of the major landmarks and tourist hotspots is easy and can be accomplished on foot, by using Transport for London’s bus, underground and light rail services, or you could even splash out and travel in London’s famous black cabs.

The culture


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London is home to a diverse ethnic mixture of people. This multicultural paradise offers tourists the perfect blend of culture, ethnicity, and is a great way of experiencing a mix of culture, cuisine and lifestyle all from within one city!

From Chinatown in Soho to the Greek communities in Chelsea and Kensington, there are plenty of places within London to get away from the commercial tourist traps so that you can sample the delights of foreign food and ways of life.

The nightlife


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Any visit to London wouldn’t be complete without checking out the nightlife! There is a huge amount of pubs and clubs that you can visit in central London, and because there are scores of affordable places to stay (click here for some examples), you will have more pounds to spend towards having a great time in the evenings!


 my brave sister…


 some of her friends…

My adventurous sister went to Dahilayan Adventure Park at  Manolo Fortich in Bukidnon with her friends for a day to explore and had the fun. All of them had not experience about the zip riding and since they were curious, they went and did it. Glad they were all fine and conquer the fear and the heights. I don’t think I will be able to make it. One of my greatest fear is the “height” so I don’t think I will give it a try. No way! :)

Different Transportation in Philippines

Posted by admin on Dec-29-2013



A jeepney ususally holds 16 passengers, 8 on each side of the seat. It is the typical transportation in Philippines. The easy in, easy out for passengers. Also, it hold 2 to 3 passengers in the front excluding the driver. Over all, it depends how big and wide is the jeepney. Some jeepneys are small where it can hold less than 16 passengers from what I remembered. I really missed this type of transportation. It was always fun to ride in the jeepney!



A motorela is practically a motorcycle with a built in body for the passengers. It is a small transportation. Most of the motorela holds 3 to 4 passengers in each seat. And, one of the favorite thing about motorela was to sit in the front seat near the driver when I was little,. My cousins and I always racing to whose going to sit in the front. Front seat hols 2 passengers.



A trisikad has a bicycle with a built in body for the passengers. Since, it is too small and the space is so limited, only 2 passengers can sit. It does not use any gasoline but requires a lot of energy to pedal which is very hard. I believed these types of vehicles/transportation is only available in Philippines. Filipino are so creative and resourceful. It is always “FUN” in Philippines. I missed my country so badly!

Disclosure: All the images used are not mine…